This is the final week of Bigg Boss S4 and most of the eliminated contestants are back in the house to support the finalists.

It's undeniable that love was one of the central themes on the show in the previous seasons. This time around, Balaji and Shivani were close and inseparable like a couple.

However, netizens and some contestants in the house felt that it's an act to drive the attention on them. During the 'Freeze Task', Shivani's mother came in and scolded her daughter for the way she has been behaving with Balaji.

Despite her advice, Shivani continued to be close with Balaji and eventually was eliminated from the show. Just a few days after her exit, Shivani is back inside the house, but she's a changed person.

In the recent promos, Shivani ignored Balaji and kept distancing herself from him. Netizens were speculating that Shivani's mother might have banned her from talking to Balaji.

Some netizens believed that during her time outside, Shivani might have realised that Balaji wasn't serious with her and her relationship with him weakened her position as a contestant.

Now, it has been revealed that Shivani is upset with Balaji because he spoke behind her back. Check out the video:

Source: Vijay TV