"Kadaram Kondan" is now in cinemas, with Vikram playing a weapons and combat-trained mercenary, who goes by the name of KK.

When asked about his character, he described it as such, "The character is grey. He is unpredictable, very menacing, stylish and cool. He is always in control of what he is doing." "My role has various shades and that is why I said yes to it. The trailer just gives you a glimpse of my role. My roles have both positive and negative shades. This is one of the best roles I have played in my career. Good things about the film is my role and the script. This film is more like a Hollywood one and has international standards. So my role and its shades are shaped up in such a way that they add a lot of important aspects to the story. It is definitely one of the best roles I have played till now."

Sounds like a film not to be missed! In honour of it, here are five facts about "Kadaram Kondan" you should know before watching the film in cinemas!

1. KK is a mysterious man with a dark past.

His life is as complicated as the tattoos that he sports. According to Vikram, KK is not a simple character.

"There are several shades of grey in this guy. What was interesting for me was that I had to be menacing and I don't speak too much. I had to be subtle and rely on my body language a lot. There's something unpredictable about this guy. He's unpredictable, but is incredibly sure about what he wants to do."

"I think I am an antagonist... He's cool and cold," he added.

"Kadaram Kondan" director Selva claims that KK's identity and purpose will reveal itself only after the first 40 minutes into the film.

"You will discover more about his character though the eyes of Abi Mehdi Haasan, who will serve as the eyes for the viewers," said Selva.

2. While not much is known about the storyline, the trailer indicates that KK is a fugitive, a man on the run in Malaysia.

Vikram was intent on making his character look dangerous. He even has no fear of alienating his viewers by playing a dark character.

"Look at films like "Darr" or "Baazigar", the more cold-blooded they were, the more you like them. You were rooting for Shah Rukh Khan's character... So even though KK is negative, you will like him. Liking an antagonist may seem like a paradox, but that's what I have tried to do with my character. My whole intention was to make him seem lethally dangerous. It was like walking on a tight rope," said Vikram.

3. "Kadaram Kondan" was shot extensively in Malaysia.

The film is jammed pack with action so it was very complicated for the crew and the director to film the action sequences that involved, among other things, car chases and explosions.

According to Selva, it required a lot of planning in the pre-production stages, "We began in 2017 and I went there-four times with my technical and other teams to get everything in order. We rehearsed on separate grounds before our car chases on real time in those streets."

4. Kamal Haasan, who produced this film under his banner Raj Kamal Films International, was the original choice to play the lead.

When he was not able to commit, Selva thought that Vikram would be the perfect replacement to play KK and even changed the script to play up Vikram's strength as an actor.

Kamal Haasan was happy with the choice of replacement and the amended the script. In turn, both Vikram and Selva spoke highly of their producer. According to them, Haasan is a hands-off producer who gives them complete creative freedom.

"Kamal sir is an actor par excellence. And as a producer he is respectful ... He appreciates good work and he had some nice things to say about the way I played my character," praised Vikram.

5. Vikram did all of the stunts himself!

The actor said that he rarely uses stunt doubles in his films as he alters his physical shape and diet according to the characters he plays and no stunt man can keep up with his constant physical changes.

"But there is no fear as you just forget everything while doing stunts. I am very careful and not irrational while driving cars or bikes. I practice a lot... Here, I wasn't playing a hero who beats up people. I had to be slammed into walls, cupboards and tables. I had to take nasty falls... But it looks real."

6. Malaysian actress 'Jasmine Kaar' making her Kollywood debut

It is recently revealed that Sarawak-born actress Jasmine Kaar will be playing a prominent role in the movie, fighting against Vikram.

Source: Gulf News
Photo source: Movies Gallata