Vaishnavi Prasad is a radio jockey who shot to fame via the very popular reality show Bigg Boss S2. The RJ was known to be one of the most controversial contestants, who garnered unfavourable feedback over her participation in the show.

Vaishnavi was dating Anjan, a pilot, for the past three years and the couple tied the knot in June 2019 in a very simple ceremony with only close relatives and friends.

Vaishnavi was seen wearing a simple blue saree on her wedding, which belonged to her late grandmother. She stated that the generation nowadays are spending unnecessarily on their wedding, and a simple wedding is just enough to begin a happy life.

"Having a lasting relationship is more important, than pleasing people with a lavish wedding," says Vaishnavi.

"Besides spending money on animal welfare, we also wanted to spend money on vacation and to have a stable life. Thus, we didn't find it necessary to waste money on our wedding," she added.

The RJ and her husband was staying in a live-in relationship with the support of their family and got married later on.

The couple opened up about their love story and their future plans. Check out their interview here:

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