Bigg Boss S3 has come to an end, and contestants are already exploring their opportunities in the real world.

Director Cheran, who got committed to a movie after the show, recently gave an interview regarding his relationship with Losliya and her love-relationship with Kavin.

"I was sad when Losliya said that she hasn't met her dad for over 10 years. I understood her feelings, as I seldom saw my dad when I was growing up. Hence why I accepted her as my daughter and showed her care," he said.

He further added that both Losliya and Kavin are young, and failed to understand how older people would react to their relationship. That's why they were unhappy when her parents and I disapproved; even their fans got very angry about this issue.

"I loved a girl at the age of 15 and didn't listen to my parent's advice. But I understand their concern now once I have become a father myself. Sooner or later, both Kavin and Losliya would understand why I didn't support them in this issue."

Check out Cheran's full interview here:

Photo Credit: Indiaglitz

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