Kavin has rubbed Bigg Boss audiences the wrong way. His efforts to create content by being playful with the girls in the house has backfired and when he eventually fell for one of the girls (Losliya), netizens were not prepared to believe.

Their love story climaxed when Losliya's family visited her in the house. Kavin was in a fix as he felt responsible for the way they treated her. Losliya's father was furious and her mother was constantly crying. However, things cooled down eventually and the love birds decided to stay friends.

Things took an ugly turn when Kavin's friend came to the house and slapped Kavin for the way 'he has behaved and disappointed everyone who believed in him'. It was shocking and since then, Kavin has been mostly quiet.

Despite all the controversies, Kavin is rumoured to be the contestant with the highest voting number. Indian choreographer and fitness consultant Jeffery Master claims to know the reason behind Kavin's votes. He calls it the 'vote bank'.

Watch a short clip of his interview here:Do you believe that 'vote bank' exists? Let us know in the comments!
Source: Twitter