‘Pulanaivu’ is a romantic crime thriller written and directed by celebrity couple Shalini Balasundaram and Sathish Natarajan.

Co-produced by Shaibha Vision and Story Films, the film features talented cast that includes Datin Seri Shaila V, Shalini, Kabil Ganesan, Shashi Tharan, Saran, Krithigah Nair, Shabby,Irfan, Manjula, veteran actor K.S Maniam and Pashini.

Romantic crime thriller done well with a gripping story and good performances by all the lead characters. The movie is predominantly driven by female characters and the casting here is absolutely terrific. Bhairavi (Datin Seri Shaila V) delivers her best performance as the top-notch and upright police officer who steals the limelight in every scene with her nuanced performance.

The action scenes and impressive dialogue delivery throughout the investigation plot really held the audience’s attention and kept them on the edge of their seats.

Every frame was carefully directed with clear substance and expressions. Each and every character in the movie was well picked by the director to the extend the voice modulation was apt for each character on its own!

BGM and music score by Jey Raggaveindra was mind-blowing from the beginning of the movie and the sounds of a contemporary symphony orchestra in two of its song tracks and background score is a definite mention in the movie.

Pulanaivu will raise the bars for murder mystery thrillers in Malaysian Tamil Cinema. The 115 minutes long film engages us throughout and keep throwing surprises till the end.

Director and screenwriter have succeeded in presenting a complete film! Well-done team Pulanaivu and we wish them all the success for the movie which is now showing in 65 theatres nationwide!