Romance, science fiction, supernatural, comedy, and drama, are genres coming your way this September on Astro Vinmeen HD (CH 231).

First in the list is Karthik Shamalan's Kalyaanam 2 Kaathal, which features local talents such as Magendran Raman (Vikadakavi Magen), Malarmeni Perumal, Yuvaraj Krishnasamy, and Pashini Sivakumar, among others.

The 22-episode show airs every Monday to Friday at 9pm on Vinmeen HD, and is also available on Astro GO and on demand.

Mixing elements of romance and science fiction, Kalyaanam 2 Kaathal revolves around Harish (played by Yuvaraj) and Sowmiya (Pashini) who fall in love without knowing the obstacles that await them, especially when Bakianathan (Magendran) and Miya (Malarmeni) emerge in their lives.

The second series that entertains fans is Solli Tholeh, which premiered on Sept 5, and is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 9pm, on Vinmeen HD, and is also available on demand and on Astro GO.

This 20-episode supernatural comedy is directed by Ravindas, and stars Yuvaraj Krishnasamy, JK Wicky, Hamsni, and Vidialiana, among others.

It revolves around Yuva (played by Yuvaraj), a teenager who goes into the realm of the spirits after his untimely death.

There, he gets shocked to learn that the spirits have a world similar to humans on Earth. The comical trials and tribulations of Yuva and his goofy ghost pals forms the crux of the story.

Third on the list is Azhagin Azhagi 2020 - a reality TV-style beauty pageant, which will premier on Sept 13, and come on air every Sunday at 9pm on Vinmeen HD, and also available on stream on Astro Go and on demand.

The show pits 20 aspiring beauty queens, who are placed in the same house for 20 days, where they will not only be gauged on their beauty, but on their intellect, courage and self-confidence as well.

The nine-episode will see an audition, and eight other rounds, including four elimination rounds - at the end of which 10 shortlisted finalists will proceed to the final round.

Azhagin Azhagi 2020 is directed by Martin R Chanteran, and hosted by local talents Bala Ganapathi William and Sangteeha Krishnasamy, who will also mentor the contestants throughout their journey.

Popular local artistes Datin Manimala, Sree Sonic and Thanuja Ananthan will serve as judges for the show.

Kuppusamy Sandragas, Assistant Vice President of Indian Channel Business (Vinmeen) and Digital, Astro, in his speech prior to the media briefing, said the three shows are part of the channel's offering to please local fans.

"We need the support of the media and fans alike so that we can offer more quality and creative content," he said.