As successful as he was on the big screen, Maruthur Gopala Ramachandran or M.G.R. as he is more popularly known, led a pretty interesting personal life.

Much has been said about the women he had been courting. However, being a star, swirling in rumours is a pretty common thing.

Let us explore some stories of affairs and relationships that M.G.R. was famous for during his lifetime.

He Was Married Three Times

Before he married V.N. Janaki, M.G.R. had married two women. The first was Barghavi, who sadly died after three months into their marriage. His second wife, Sathanandavathi also died because of TB. Interestingly, Janaki did not divorce her estranged husband, Ganapathi Bhat before marrying the actor. The two did not have any children.

Close Relationship With Jayalalitha

Until today, M.G.R's relationship with actress Jayalalitha is a hot topic among many Kollywood film lovers. It is believed among fans that M.G.R. had promised Jayalalitha's mother that he will be there for her after she passes on. When the actress was 25 years old, her mother passed away. During this time, M.G.R. was courting Janaki, his third wife to-be. Fans speculate that the reason why M.G.R. was close to Jayalalitha was because she resembled his second wife. However, what we do know is that the relationship between the two actors led to the eventual rise of Jayalalitha in Indian politics.

Well Known For Being The Ladies Man

Being an actor, it was no surprise back then to see or hear of M.G.R. in the company of many women. Yet, despite this, his popularity and reputation was not affected. In fact, it made the actor even more popular. According to DGP K. Mohandas who wrote M.G.R's biography, "MGR: The Man and the Myth", people found him prestigious for being surrounded by many women. What is more, M.G.R. did not bother in trying to hide the fact that he was popular among the opposite gender as others did.

Power Struggle Between Lovers

When M.G.R. passed away in 1987, a power struggle ensued between his wife Janaki and his rumored affair, Jayalalitha. While Janaki rose to become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for 24 days, the eventual winner was Jayalalitha who became a renowned female politician before her eventual death in 2016.

Considered a great actor and a leader, it's amazing to note that M.G.R. played a pivotal role in shaping Tamil Nadu through the women he had courted.

Article Source: Times of India, Lankaweb
Photo Source:, Quora, News Nation, The Hindu, Outlook India