The famous Bigg Boss S3 reality show has just entered its 72nd day, and the problems in the house have just kept increasing with the return of Vanitha Vijayakumar as the wild card entry.

While Kavin-Losliya's relationship is going through ups and downs, the latest promo shows that former eliminated contestants Sakshi and Abhirami have re-visited the Bigg Boss house.

The relationship between Kavin and Sakshi is well known, where the duo started as good friends, started falling for each other and then departed ways since Kavin was interested in Losliya instead.

Meanwhile, Abhirami and Mugen had some misunderstandings as well. They started as good friends, Abhirami proposed to Mugen, they had big arguments and fights, and they parted ways as good friends.

However, Abhirami showed her frustration via a video she uploaded on her social media after Mugen confessed his feelings for the girl he's in love with, by reading out a poem.

Now things might take an interesting turn since both of them have re-entered the house after watching the entire show, especially after learning everyone's actions in and out.

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Source: CineUlagam