Samayal Singgari is a cooking-show that has been exciting cooking enthusiasts with its wide variety of delightful recipes, on Astro Vinmeen HD (CH 231), every Sunday at 9pm, and also available on stream anytime via Astro GO and On Demand.

Astro recently caught up with the show's executive producer Gandhimathi Suppiah, as well as chef Shanti Raj and host Vicky Rao, to talk about how the show was put up together, and what else is cooking.

Executive Producer: Gandhimathi Suppiah

Could you share what audiences can look forward to on Samayal Singgari?

Samayal Singgari is a cooking show with a fun-filled storyline, showcasing a wide variety of delectable recipes along with lifestyle tips such as creating beauty hacks from perishable items, ideas for workouts in the kitchen, and more. Fans can also look forward to the ongoing drama that flows throughout the 13 episodes.

What are some of your hopes for this cooking show?

I hope that this show will inspire fans to try cooking the dishes we usually order at restaurants, such as Kam Heong Chicken, Chilli Crab, Tiramisu and more. I also hope that this cooking show gets a second season to share more fun and mouth-watering recipes.

Chef: Shanti Raj

Please tell us about your experience as a chef and how you began your journey in this line?

When I was a teenager, I had to help my mother in the kitchen, and I would always find ways to escape from it. However, I eventually heeded my mother’s advice and started to enjoy cooking. Watching her cook gave me some basic knowledge so I thank my mother for inspiring me to cook.

Gradually, I started exploring more unique dishes. My family started praising me for my creativeness in cooking. Hearing praises from my husband and son motivated me to explore more in cooking.

Can you share your most memorable moments in this show?

Every day was a memorable moment for me because I learnt a lot from the lovely crew, which I am lucky to have had. A big thank you to our director, Logan and Vicky who was the host. I would also like to thank Astro for this opportunity as it was indeed a dream come true to be featured as a chef in a cooking show on Astro.

Special thanks also to Gandhimathi, the Executive Producer of Samayal Singgari for selecting me for this cooking show.

Host: Vicky Rao

Please share your experience hosting Samayal Singgari and some of your favourite moments? Did you also get to enjoy other parts of the show – e.g. tasting?

Hosting this show was fun since I could focus on communicating solely with Chef Shanti Raj and not an additional audience. As the drama unfolded throughout the 13 episodes, the conversation between us was very spontaneous and realistic and it turned out to be more like a sitcom, rather than a cooking show.

Since I was familiar with cooking Indian food, I had always wanted to learn other cuisines such as Chinese, Thai, Western and more, and Samayal Singgari gave me that opportunity, which was my most favourite moment. After the cooking ended, we would taste the dishes that we cooked.

What are some of your key learnings/cooking tips learnt via Samayal Singgari?

I learnt that with good guidance, anyone can become a good cook. Additionally, I also learnt that if we learn the right ingredients to use when cooking certain dishes, we can cook tasty and healthy food.

Catch new episodes of Samayal Singgari for delectable recipes every Sunday, at 9pm and stream anytime via Astro GO and On Demand.