Bigg Boss S4 viewers and fans got shocked and showed their dissatisfaction on social media last week when Sanam Shetty, one of the strongest contestants of the show, got evicted unexpectedly.

Following that, #Sanam became trending on several countries immediately and #NoSanamNoBiggBoss was shared by viewers who felt inactive contestants such as Shivani, Ajeedh, Nisha, Ramesh and Som should be evicted.

Despite all these buzz on social media, Sanam was nowhere to be found, meanwhile, it was also revealed that an imposter was pretending to be Sanam through a fake account.

Fans who got curious about Sanam's whereabouts started trending #WhereIsSanam and some even speculated that Sanam is making a wildcard entry soon.

Now after almost a week, Sanam is back on social media and she reveals that she was away with family to get proper rest.

"I struggled on Bigg Boss without proper food and sleep, so I wanted some time away to de-stress," revealed the actress.

She further thanked everyone for the support. Check out her first video after elimination here: