Bigg Boss S3 reality show is nearing its end very soon with only eight contestants left at the house.

While most of the contestants have been previously involved in fights and arguments, Sherin is one contestant who consoles everyone. But after almost two months, the actress finally got on a fight with Vanitha who accused her of having an affair with Tharshan.

In a recent interview, Tharshan's alleged girlfriend Sanam Shetty reveals that among the housemates, Vanitha and Sherin don't deserve to win.

"I'm not being jealous, but Sherin is playing too safe. As a viewer, Sherin is not shining among the other contestants who are struggling and being themselves," says Sanam.

In regards to Vanitha, Sanam revealed her frustration on how Bigg Boss should have given the opportunity to others who need the platform for their career. But instead, Vanitha is given the opportunity again even after the viewers wanted her to be out of the show.

She said the same thing about Sakshi, Mohan, and Abhirami who re-entered the show as guests.

"There's plenty of struggling artists who would have loved to get such opportunity," she added.

Besides that, Sanam further says that she's frustrated how Mugen revealed his girlfriend's name, but Tharshan didn't do it even once.

When asked about who should be the title winner, "I would love to see either Tharshan or Mugen win the show," she added.

Check out Sanam Shetty's latest interview here:

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Image credit: Behindwoods