Sanam Shetty and Meera Mithun are beauty pageant queens, who've gone head-to-head during the Miss South India 2016 pageant.

Even though Meera Mithun was crowned as the title winner and Sanam Shetty was named the first runner-up, soon Meera Mithun was dethroned and Sanam Shetty was crowned instead.

Now both the actresses are going head-to-head once again when Sanam Shetty took social media to advice Meera Mithum to stop character assassinating several movie stars online - stars such as Rajinikanth, Vijay, Suriya etc.

In return, Meera Mithun accused Sanam Shetty of having an affair with someone in the industry and addressed her as a criminal. Meera further denied being dethroned as Miss India 2016.

Thus, Sanam has now sent a legal letter to Meera demanding a public apology for intentionally damaging her reputation and career.

At the same time, Sanam has also posted the video of her acceptance speech when she was crowned as Miss India 2016.

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