Actor Tharshan and Sanam Shetty's controversial break-up is making the headlines now after the model cum actress lodged a complaint against the Bigg Boss S3 contestant for breach of trust, fraud, and harassment.

Following her press statement against him, Tharshan hit back by accusing that Sanam met her ex-boyfriend and partied with him at NSK Ramya's wedding.

Now, Sanam Shetty's ex-boyfriend Vijay have given an interview to reveal what happened that night between him and his ex-girlfriend.

"If I'm the cause of their split, I just want Tharshan to know that nothing happened between us. NSK Ramya's husband Sathya is my cousin and I didn't know Sanam will be attending the wedding. We didn't book a room separately, but about 25 of us were chatting in a room after the wedding. I left after that," he explained.

He further clarified that: "Sanam and I mutually separated 2 years ago after being together for 3 years. She is very loyal when it comes to relationship, and she told me clearly that she's dating Tharshan. We never spoke to each other after NSK Ramya-Sathya's wedding."

He further requested for both Tharshan and Sanam to settle their personal dispute in private, instead of going to the media. Check out his interview here: