Bigg Boss Madhumitha shocked everyone by attempting suicide during the show. While the channel didn't telecast the incidents that led to her drastic move, it was alleged that an argument about Cauvery water issue fueled the tension between Madhumitha and the rest of the contestants in the house.

Madhumitha was disqualified from the show and appeared in the weekend episode with host Kamal Hassan. She refused to speak or even look at any of the contestants except for Kasthuri and Cheran during the episode.

In a recent interview, Bigg Boss Madhumitha revealed that she's not in touch with anyone and nobody bothered to contact her after the show.

Tharshan's ex-girlfriend Sanam Shetty called the actress right after her exit and discussed the issue.

"Sanam Shetty said that whether or not I was correct, it was wrong of Tharshan to stand by and not assist or do first aid while I was bleeding," Madhumitha revealed.

According to her previous interviews, Madhumitha claimed that none of the contestants came forward to help her after she slit her hand, except Kasthuri and Cheran.

"Sanam assured me that he (Tharshan) would contact me after the show and if he didn't, he's not human at all," she said.

However, it seemed like Tharshan never called Madhumitha as the interviewer kept asking if he did, Madhumitha refused to answer the question. Instead, she only replied: "She said he's not human if he doesn't contact you!"

It's a mystery why the contestants chose to stand still when Madhumitha was hurt if her claims are true. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Check out her full interview here:

Photo Credit: Pinkvilla, SkyTamil & Twitter