Model cum actors Balaji Murugadoss and Sanam Shetty are Bigg Boss Tamil S4 participants who had many outrageous fights and confrontations during their participation in the show.

During one of Balaji's controversial fights with Sanam, Balaji allegedly claimed that casting couch practice was involved in the beauty pageant won by Sanam and called the companies organising such pageants as fake. Even though this issue was not telecasted on the show, several other contestants testified in support of Sanam.

Now Balaji Murugadoss who's aware that the matter was not telecasted in the show, has denied saying such things in the recent episode of Bigg Boss Ultimate. He further accused Sanam of spoiling his reputation and sabotaging his career on purpose.

Following his statement in the show, Sanam took social media to share a clip - a conversation between Aari Arjunan and Suresh Chakravarthy - which proved that Balaji has agreed to saying such things. This is what Sanam posted after Balaji accused her of lying: