In the last few days, Bigg Boss S5 Tamil hosted by Kamal Haasan has seen some startling twists with the controversial competitor Abhishek Raaja returning as a wildcard entrant, followed by choreographer Ameer.

Yesterday, Thalapathy Vijay's close friend, TV actor Sanjeev, also made his wildcard entry, much to the excitement of the contestants. Their first question to Sanjeev was, 'Is Vijay watching Bigg Boss?', to which he simply smiled.

Following his Bigg Boss entry, Sanjeev's wife shared a post on Instagram featuring a five-second video of her husband with the words 'I love my boss'. Check it out:

A post shared by Preethi Sanjiv (@preethisanjiv)

The couple has their own YouTube channel where they publish vlog-style videos about their life. Sanjeev can be seen completing his everyday routine in a new video (recorded before his Bigg Boss debut), from sending his daughter off to school to the dishes since their domestic help was absent.

Sanjeev announced that he'll be coming to the Bigg Boss S5 house at the end of the video, and wondered if he'll be the same guy. He also stated that all of the contestants are doing well in the game and that he is looking forward to seeing how he would change once inside the Bigg Boss house.

Take a look at the full video here:

Source: Preethi Sanjiv Youtube Channel
Photo Credit: India Herald & Newzpanda