Popular South Indian actor Sarathkumar is now working in a movie titled 'Piranthal Parasakthi' along with his wife Radhika and daughter Varalaxmi.

In a recent interview regarding the upcoming movie, Sarathkumar has opened up about his daughter Varalaxmi and her acting career.

Varalaxmi first debuted via the movie 'Poda Podi' along with famous actor Simbu. Even though the movie production commenced in the year 2008, it was only released in the year 2012.

In the interview, he regrets saying that he failed to help Varalaxmi to get chances in the movies when her debut movie was delayed for several years.

"I should have helped her by getting any other chances when her debut movie got postponed. But I failed to help her. Please forgive," apologised Sarathkumar to his daughter.

Source: Cineulagam