Bigg Boss Vanitha had an interesting year in 2020. She attained fame and kickstarted her TV career after participating in Bigg Boss S3.

Her YouTube cooking channel quickly become a household name. Life seemed good for the star until she decided to tie the knot with filmmaker Peter Paul.

He's a married man who has been separated from his first wife Elizabeth Helen for seven years. Their Christian wedding ceremony which Vanitha later claimed to be an engagement became the talk of the town.

But the relationship didn't last long. Peter turned out to be an alcoholic just like his first wife accused him and the couple parted ways.

It's been months since the breakup and Vanitha seems like she's finally moving on from her past relationship. However, her click with TV serial actor Arvind is now going viral and meme creators are trolling them.

Take a look at the original picture here:

A post shared by Actor Arvind ? (@arvindkat)

Following the viral post, Arvind shared one of the memes with a funny caption. Check it out:

A post shared by Actor Arvind ? (@arvindkat)

Source: Cine Ulagam
Photo Credit: Aravind Instagram & Vanitha Twitter