Rap Porkalam Season 2 is a local Tamil rap show that has been airing on Astro Vinmeen (CH 202) since early June.

Astro recently had a chat with the judges - Yogi B and Navin Navigator, as well as the mentor Saint TFC, about their experience working on the show. Here's the interview:

Yogi B & Navin Navigator, Judges:

Please share your experience as a judge on this show.

Yogi B: It was an absolute joy for me to be the chief judge of this competition. I was so surprised to witness so many local talents who could create quality lyrics and melodic flows with good rap vocal deliveries. The contestants were unique in their artistic persona and rap message, which is very rare in a competition.

The best of the show came from a handful of contestants that delivered world-class concepts in their composition of rap songs in a short time, which is unprecedented. I enjoyed the blooming of these talents against high-pressure challenges with outstanding style and charisma. There was never a boring moment on the set. Amidst high tensions, Season 2 contestants also exhibited phenomenal camaraderie even after the show.

Navin: It was an exciting and memorable moment for me to be the judge of this competition after two years of lockdown with no jobs and shows to do. This show got me off my seat to see what the next generation of Tamil rappers have to offer. The show was very challenging for the contestants as most of them are debutants and had never performed on stage before.

Apart from that, they were also required to write their own lyrics within a limited time frame. Every contestant gave their best although they faced numerous challenges. I enjoyed the week with the live band as all of them gave their most flawless and natural performance.

What are some of your hopes for the show and contestants?

Yogi B: I am hopeful that this show will receive a great acclaim and will eventually be viewed by the global Tamil diaspora with excitement. I have no doubt that the top 10 are among the world’s best Tamil emcees who are like uncut diamonds. The show has now become the standard for Tamil rap competitions worldwide.

Navin: Hip Hop was my gateway to learn and love all other music genres which allowed me to find my true self and feel complete. I think it's the same for all the contestants as they chose to do something that resonated with their heart and soul instead of indulging in unwanted social dilemmas. In that way, music can save lives! Season 2 has proved that many people love music.

I hope this show encourages more aspiring rappers regardless of gender to pick up a pen and paper to express themselves and along the way build their artistic skills to become successful as they desire. I hope all the contestants, including the champion, would take this opportunity as a stepping stone to develop themselves to be the real entertainers without giving up.

Saint TFC, Mentor:

Please share your background as a rapper.

I have been featured as a rapper for approximately 44 songs across languages and some of the prominent songs include Ennavaley (2009), Attam 100 Vagai theme song (2014), Aku Tak Akan Lupa (2020), Kalyanam 2 Kaadhal (2020), Just Let It Go (2021), Bukan Sekadar Hikayat (2021).

Please share some of your memorable moments guiding the contestants as a mentor.

To be honest, to pick a memory would be impossible because every single day was nothing less than blissful. But if I could pick a moment, it would be when any of my mentees gets eliminated. I know it may not sound right, but the positivity and the burning passion in their eyes are etched in my heart forever. For me, that is truly inspiring.

Watch new episodes of Rap Porkalam Season 2 every Friday at 9pm on Astro Vinmeen (Ch 202) and Astro GO or stream anytime On Demand. For more information on Rap Porkalam Season 2, visit astroulagam.com.my/RapPorkalamS2 .