Shakshi has been one of the luckier contestants in Bigg Boss 3. Despite the widespread negative feedback because of the way she behaves on the show, Shakshi has been surviving for over 50 days.

But, things have gotten so far that even Shakshi's closest friend in the house Sherin started getting frustrated with her. In the most recent episode, Sherin was telling Cheran how Shakshi doesn't pay attention to the fact that she's sick.

Shakshi seems to be only interested in talking about her problems and didn't even ask what's wrong with Sherin. This has greatly disturbed Sherin and we can see that Shakshi is slowly losing support even inside the house.

Since the elimination is happening tonight, rumours are going around saying Shakshi won't be sent home after her elimination. Instead, she will be entering the secret room.

Bigg Boss Secret Room is a place where an eliminated contestant is given another chance to stay in the show by witnessing what's happening in the house without the other contestants' knowledge.

In the last season, Vaishnavi was given the opportunity and Bigg Boss fans are predicting that Shakshi will be the one to get into the secret room this time.

While there hasn't been any confirmed news, we are hoping that tonight will be the episode we find out what will happen to Shakshi.

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Source: IB Times
Photo Credit: Vijay TV, Tamilglitz & Indiaglitz