The Bigg Boss Tamil S4 just saw its 6th elimination and Sanam Shetty who was regarded as a strong individual player was sent home.

Many disagreed with the decision and #Sanam became viral overnight in various countries once her eviction news leaked.

Some resorted into posting #NoSanamNoBiggBoss to oppose the verdict, and even housemates like Aari and Anitha found the decision unfair.

Sanam, however, accepted the result gracefully and walked out of the house feeling confident, together with some encouraging words from Kamal who admired her guts for questioning others.

Following her eviction, former contestant Suresh Chakravarthy took social media to express his disappointment towards the decision.

Suresh who couldn't get along with Sanam in the show posted that she's a real fighter and a winner, and the verdict is unfair.

Check out his posts here: