TV actress Jayashree recently hit the headlines when she accused her husband TV actor Iswar of having extramarital affair and subjecting her to domestic violence.

According to Jayashree, her husband was in a relationship with his serial co-star Mahalakshmi who's seeking divorce from her husband Anil.

Heartbroken with the ordeal, Jayashree has decided end her life by consuming sleeping pills. The actress is now in a critical condition at the hospital.

Before attempting suicide, Jayashree sent an audio message to her close friend Reshma.

"I am depressed. I have no words. I feel worthless. I don’t want to live anymore. This voice text is to thank you for your support. You treated me like a sister and thanks for being there in my troubled times. It is my good bye message," Jayashree said.

According to Bigg Boss Reshma, Jayashree is not in a stable state of mind and has been going through financial difficulties as well.

Before her suicide attempt, Jayashree claimed that she was threatened by two strangers who hit her car door.

"She is going through these problems for months and have bundled up her emotions. This final incident broke her and she decided to end her life. She is unstable and destroyed as a woman," Reshma told Behindwoods.

When she became conscious for a while, Jayashree stressed to Reshma that someone is trying to kill her and her daughter should be brought to safety.

We hope the actress will get well soon. Check out Bigg Boss Reshma's full interview here:

Source: Behindwoods
Photo Credit: IB Times, One Nov, Indiaglitz & Twitter