In a shocking turn of events, a cheating case has been allegedly lodged against popular actor Arya by a German national who hails from Sri Lanka.

The alleged victim known as Vidja accused Arya of promising to marry her and took around Rs80 lakhs of financial aid in return.

Vidja further accused that she was verbally abused by Arya and his mother when she realised that she's not the first woman who got cheated by the actor and demanded her money back.

According to the reports by Cineulagam, this incident took place during the lockdown imposed due to the pandemic and Vidja has claimed to have just known Arya online.

She further added that Arya is threatening her with suicide if she refused to withdraw the complaint.

So far, both Arya and his wife actress Sayeesha have not made any comments regarding this incident.

Source: Cineulagam