It's the day everyone has been eagerly waiting for as Kamal Haasan will be discussing every major event that happened in the Bigg Boss house last week.

Now the latest Bigg Boss promo shows Madhumitha walking out of the show and joining Kamal Haasan on stage, with a bandage on her wrist.

Madhumitha, one of the strongest contestants in the house, came to the spotlight when Vanitha Vijayakumar re-entered the show. Madhu was influenced by Vanitha, who claimed the guys in the house have made use of and enslaved the girl.

Following that, Madhu also managed to win the captaincy task and became the captain for next week.

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But Madhu's decision to leave the show has shocked everyone. Guess we need to wait till tonight to find out the reason behind her decision and the bandage on her hand.

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Image credit: Vijay TV