The Covid-19 pandemic has affected over 2 million people in India. At least 44,000 Indians have died because of the virus. Theatres, film shootings, TV serials, and several other industries are impacted by the lockdown exercised in the country.

However, the government has allowed wedding ceremonies to take place while maintaining procedures like social distancing and a limited crowd.

Recently, a few celebrities have held their weddings during the lockdown and invited a select number of family, friends, and people from the cinema industry.

On July 26, Telugu actor Nitin and Shalini's wedding took place in Hyderabad. It was attended by close family members, friends, and some celebrities. After two weeks, some wedding guests have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

Following the shocking news, the bride and groom and some of the guests are taking the corona test. It's expected that the couple and guests will be quarantined to avoid further spread of the virus.

Source: Cine Ulagam
Photo Credit: Times of India, Trial News, India Today & Filmibeat