Samyuktha Hedge is a South Indian actress who came to the limelight in Kollywood after her role in Jayam Ravi's 'Comali'. At the age of 18, she was first discovered by a Kannada film crew on Facebook. They cast her in the critically-acclaimed hit film 'Kirik Party'. Samyuktha was highly-praised for her role in the film.

Recently, the actress went to a park near Agara Lake in Bangalore with her friends to workout. While they were hula hooping, an elderly woman walked up to them and started abusing them verbally.

‘ “Are you cabaret dancers? What sort of clothes are you wearing? [email protected][email protected]! If you wear such clothes and something happens to you the next time, don’t come crying to anyone,” ‘ she told us and continued hurling abuses. Soon after, about ten boys joined her,” a shocked Samyuktha shared on her Instagram LIVE.

The elderly woman accuses the girls of stripping in public, but they were in their workout clothes; sports bra and leggings.

“Then they surrounded us and locked us in following which the lady charged towards my friend and assaulted her. I taped all this on camera. We were then for colt taken to the local station and she continued ranting against us. One of the cops thankfully said we had done nothing wrong and sent us off,” Samyuktha said.

Samyuktha was horrified that the girls were abused and threatened to be linked to a drug scandal for wearing workout clothes and exercising in a public park.

What wrong did we do that my friends and I had to go through this trauma and shamed for no fault of ours? It’s high time we questioned such behavior where people play moral police and torture them without reason. And we hear of such incidents so often. This has got to stop,” the actress added.

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Source: Behindwoods & Times of India
Photo Credit: Tamil Spark & Times of India