Shruti Hassan is an actress and singer who has been in the cine world for more than a decade. She debuted in a Hindi film called 'Luck'.

Previously, the actress was dating a British Actor from London, Michael Corsale. While they didn't admit their relationship publicly, the couple openly shared photos on social media and were seen together on many occasions like attending weddings.

However, they have parted ways last year in April. This came as a shock to many as they were sending out #CoupleGoals vibe all over social media! Some news media speculate that the couple was finding it difficult to keep up with the long-distance relationship.

Shruti started focusing on her music and personal growth, post-breakup. She stayed at her Mumbai home alone during the lockdown and released her music videos and cooking vlogs. The actress even started acting again after her sabbatical for a few years.

Recently, Michael posted a click with a woman he appears to be dating. The picture gained a lot of attention as Shruti's fans started bombarding Michael with questions about the picture and his relationship with the actress.

Take a look:


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Micheal appears to have moved on from his breakup and leading a happy life, while Shruti is focusing on her music and acting career. We are wondering if the ex-couple is still in touch.

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Source: Instagram & Cine Ulagam
Photo Credit: Pinterest & Bolywood Shaadis