In the 1980s, Rajinikanth and Sathyaraj often acted in films together, with Sathyaraj typically portraying villainous roles. Sathyaraj got his major break when he played Rajinikanth's father in 'Mr. Bharat.'

Even in recent interviews, Sathyaraj said he admires Rajinikanth as a senior actor and superstar. However, during a hunger strike over the Cauvery problem, Sathyaraj's heated speech was interpreted as criticism of Rajinikanth. As a result of the speech, both of their fans clashed.

Sibiraj, Sathyaraj's son promoting his new film 'Maayon,' has addressed the matter and maintained no animosity between Superstar Rajinikanth and his father.

According to Sibiraj, the rumor of Rajini being dissatisfied over the title of his 2020 action thriller 'Ranga' is baseless. In addition, his father, Sathyaraj, declined to portray the villain for Rajinikanth in 'Sivaji the Boss' since he played the hero in multiple films. He was worried that it might upset distributors.

Source: Indiaglitz
Photo Credit: Indiaglitz, JsNewsTimes & Wikipedia