Actor Siddhart has claimed that he has started receiving threats for boldly voicing out against the recently passed Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

Critics say that the law, which provides citizenship to religious minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, is an agenda by the government led by the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), to marginalise Muslims.

New Delhi, however, has denied the charges, saying it is aimed at giving sanctuary to people fleeing religious persecution. Riots have broken across the country, claiming at least two lives so far, and involving scores of arrests.

Siddhart has been vocal against the CAA, especially on Twitter, saying it would turn India into a theocratic state.

In a recent tweet, he called out to Indian Home Minister Amit Shah, saying: "You (Amit Shah) will tell us who deserves to be a refugee and who does not based on religion (CAA). Then you will tell us who is an Indian and who is not based on religion (NRC). Why can't you just be honest for once and accept what you are doing Amit Shah? Tell us your real plan. #Divider."

The actor has since claimed that he is being threatened over his bold stance. "I am getting tweet threats for me and my loved ones to be fixed, arrested etc, from several handles that are followed by PM Narendra Modi. We are trying to speak our minds in a free country. Ugly words and draconian laws will not choke voices of dissent. We will prevail! Jai Hind," the actor, who was most recently seen in 'Aruvam', wrote on Twitter.He has even gone to the ground to join the protestors.

Besides Siddhart, scores of other actors, including from Bollywood and Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan, have hit out against the CAA, and voiced support for the protestors.

Kamal had taken to Twitter to condemn the arrest of historian Ramachandra Guha and activist-politician Yogendra Yadav, for taking part in protests against the citizenship law.

"I applaud with glee at the stupidity of the government for stoking the fire of Satyagraha by arresting the thinking and questioning minds of India like @Ram_Guha & @_YogendraYadav . Yet I am concerned for their safety. India stands with you," he had tweeted.
Source: Indiaglitz, India Today
Photo source: The News Minute