Woot woot…

Looking at the first glance of Simbu’s latest photo of him discussing something with the director of Desingh Periasamy, dang!

Simbu, also known as STR, is discussing something with director Desingh Periasamy for their upcoming movie, tentatively titled 'STR 48.'

Desingh Periasamy shared a new photo on social media, where you can only see Simbu's appearance and his new look. In the post, the director mentioned "Positive Mind Positive Vibes," possibly indicating a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere on the set of their film.

It's a teaser to generate excitement among fans about the upcoming project. In the photo, Simbu is seen with his long hair tied in a band, forming a man bun. He is reported to be playing a dual role in his upcoming film, which has generated excitement among his fans. Simbu also recently traveled to the United States for martial arts training, likely for his role in the movie.

As for his recent work, Simbu was last seen in the film 'Pathu Thala' and hasn't signed any other films since then. Currently, the pre-production work for 'STR 48' is in progress, and it's expected to start filming soon. Fans are eagerly anticipating his next project.

Source: The Times of India