Simbu, often known as STR, has been in movies since he was a kid. Simbu, the son of well-known actor and director T. Rajendrar, had a natural talent from the start. His acting skills were superb, his dancing was excellent, and he was handsome.

His meteoric rise to stardom appeared inevitable. Simbu's promising career, however, came crashing down when he became embroiled in not one, but several controversies.

Because of his unreliability and lack of focus, directors and producers were wary of dealing with him. Actors and actresses avoided him since he was known for vanishing from the set for days at a time. Additionally, he gained weight, which changed his image in films, much to the dismay of his fans.

During the height of the controversies, the actor took a break and rebranded himself. In 2020, he returned with a fit figure and a new look. His debut film, Easwaran, was released just a few months after his comeback.

His next film, a time-loop thriller Maanaadu was a super hit and hailed as his real commercial comeback. It stars Kalyani Priyadarshan in the female lead role, with SJ Suriya as the antagonist.

For his birthday earlier, the inspiring actor shared a video of his physical transformation journey. Take a look:

Simbu started at 105 kgs and gradually slimmed down to 72 kgs. The celebrity actor did not only focus on cardio and gym training, but engaged in sports like basketball, badminton, cricket, horseback riding, and even Kalari.

Source: Simbu's YouTube
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