Sivanthu Pochi Nenje is a thriller that has been entertaining Astro Vinmeen HD (CH 231) viewers since early March.

As the series comes to a close tomorrow (March 31), Astro caught up with its director and cast members for a quick chat. Here's the interview:

Naavin Samrat, Director

What was your inspiration behind this series?

I wanted to create a series that was grounded on reality, which would grip the audience with shock and awe. Moving beyond just entertainment value, I think there should be a message for the audience. This eventually led my team and I to develop a story based on the issues considered taboo, such as marital affairs, sexual health and mental health which are prevalent in our society but not being spoken about openly.

How has your experience been like getting this in place?

Firstly, I would like to thank Astro for giving a new talent like me such a golden opportunity. I hope we have presented a bold and unique story. I expected some shortcomings from my end, considering this is my debut series. However, personnel from Astro were helpful, patient and accommodating while guiding us.

Nevertheless, we did what we could with the resources available. As a team, we were firm on being honest to the script that will produce good, relatable content and the team worked tirelessly the entire time, for the quality production now on TV. Our producer, Mr. R. Kamalan was keen on this project once he heard about the concept and he took the effort to get verification and validation on some of the issues portrayed.

What can the audience look forward to with this series?

Sivanthu Pochi Nenje is not an ordinary story, as the subject can be a little sensitive. When we pitched the story to Astro, we weren’t sure if it would be accepted. We were pleasantly surprised that they were receptive to the idea. We presented a compelling screenplay with a substantive storyline, offering subtle and natural style of acting. With this series, I hope the audience will be more open to talking about these taboo topics among their peers and partners. By opening up, one can seek for solutions.

Krithigah Nair & Karnan Gcrack, Cast Members

Please tell us about the role you play in Sivanthu Pochi Nenje

Krithigah: Anjana, a role that is very much close to my heart, very bold and challenging. By playing this role, I know that I would receive both positive and negative feedback equally. Yet, I agreed to play Anjana because it marks a milestone in my career. It was a tough role and I needed to pull off Anjana’s Borderline Personality Disorder correctly. If I did not, many of Anjana’s decisions and actions would not be justified. This character definitely impacted me.

Karnan: Lingesh was my character. I felt a little nervous playing this role when the director approached me. But, I felt that I should educate the audience by moving beyond entertainment. My character has a sexual health issue and it was very challenging to portray it. Nonetheless, I gave my best and am thankful for the support from the audience so far.

What are your hopes for this series?

Krithigah: Sivanthu Pochi Nenje is not an ordinary family story as we took the risk of telling the concept that many think of as taboo in our society. It is targeted for mature audiences and thus, they should be open minded enough so they can understand the story, and enjoy everyone’s performance.

Karnan: Series and films should be more than just for entertainment – and should uphold a message. This series carries a meaningful message and I hope more people will watch it and help be a boost for local film makers to produce more high quality content with strong messages.

Catch the final episode of Sivanthu Pochi Nenje on Astro Vinmeen HD (CH 231) at 9pm tomorrow. Also available on Astro Go and On Demand.

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