Many K-town actresses have excelled at portraying dual roles in films over the years. Let's take a look at six memorable dual-role performances by female actors!

Mayabazar - Urvasi

Urvasi is a talent to be reckoned with! Her acting and comedic timing are unparalleled among actresses of the current generation. During her prime, Urvasi appeared in the 1995 horror-comedy 'Mayabazar' as both Suji and Mayamma.

Suji is the only child of a wealthy businessman who passes away after a heart attack. She marries Ram, the personal assistant she hired for her father. However, Ram's imposter murders her, and Suji's spirit attempts to get Mayamma (who appears identical to her) to avenge her and rescue the real Ram.

Airaa - Nayanthara

Nayanthara played both Yamuna and Bhavani in the 2019 horror-thriller Airaa.' When visiting her grandmother in a rural village, the journalist Yamuna is tormented by a vengeful spirit (Bhavani). The film follows her search to learn Bhavani's true identity and the extent of her role in the girl's death.

The actress was acclaimed for her compelling portrayal of Bhavani, as both characters were polar opposites. However, the film was criticised for its inconsistent screenplay.

10 Endrathukulla - Samantha

Actress Samantha portrayed Shakeela and Gadgi Moi in the romantic action film '10 Endrathukulla.' Vikram, a driving coach, is assigned to bring Shakeela from Chennai to Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. After delivering her, he realizes that Shakeela is Gadgi Moi's lookalike and will take her place on death row.

Samantha admitted this was the most challenging role of her acting career at the time. She was trained to smoke to act in the film as Gadgi Moi.

Perazhagan - Jyothika

In the 2004 film 'Perazhagan,' Jyothika played Priya, a bright college student, and Shenbagham, a de-glamourized blind girl. When Priya gets killed, Shenbagham receives her eyes. Shenbagham misidentifies Priya's boyfriend, Karthik, as Chinna, the man who helped her gain her sight. Eventually, the truth is revealed, and she marries Chinna, while Karthik is imprisoned for avenging Priya's murder.

It was Jyothika's first time in a dual role; however, she nailed both parts and won awards for her performance. Suriya, Jyothika's better half, also had a dual role in the film.

Parthiban Kanavu - Sneha

In the romantic film "Parthiban Kanavu," the actress Sneha plays the roles of Sathya and Janani, who are lookalikes but were born into different families. Parthiban, played by Srikanth, falls in love with Janani, but he marries Sathya by accident, believing that she is Janani.

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Sneha portrayed two characters that looked completely different in style and demeanor. The actress captivates the audience with her charming smile and screen presence.

Iruvar - Aishwarya Rai

In this Mani Ratnam cult classic 'Iruvar,' Aishwarya Rai hit the jackpot when she played Pushpavalli and Kalpana. A career-altering role that allowed her to show the world her acting and dance skills, in addition to her stunning beauty.

Pushpalli was a village belle who succumbed to her illness, while actress-politician J. Jayalalithaa inspired Kalpana—as 'a tremendous dancer' and as 'having a lot of potential.' Despite struggling to perform in Tamil, the actress aced both roles, which remain memorable to this day.

Source: Cinema Express
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