Kavinyar Snehan is the second runner up of Bigg Boss S1, who got famous for his kattipudi vaithyam in the show.

In a recent interview, Shehan opened up about the current season of Bigg Boss S3 and how he felt that most of the contestants are merely pretending to gain attention.

"The contestants knew what they should do and how to pretend to ensure they get the limelight. Only the contestants of Bigg Boss S1 were honest," he said.

When asked about the confusing love-friendship relationship between some of the contestants, Snehan feels that their relationship looks fake and not genuine as the contestants are falling in and out of love within days.

In the current Bigg Boss show, Abhirami confessed her love to Kavin at first, but later to Mugen after several days. Meanwhile, Kavin got attached to Sakshi but ended up flirting with Losliya at the same time.

Even in the previous episode, Kamal emphasized that one should not hurt another person's feeling in the name of love.

Thus, Snehan feels that the contestants merely wanted to give content to ensure they stay in the game for a very long time, and they don't love each other as they are portraying on screen.

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