Social activist K.R Ramaswamy, who spent his life fighting for justice, has passed away at the age of 87 at the Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital in Chennai.

He was reportedly admitted to the hospital and was given treatment for age-related ailments.

The respectful social activist was fondly called Traffic Ramaswamy, a name he earned due to his volunteering efforts to help the traffic police during peak hours.

Traffic Ramasamy fought for righteousness in many cases against the ruling government and politicians.

He became a huge inspiration for many, and his real-life story was also made into a film by director Vicky, and Thalapathy Vijay's dad SA Chandrasekhar played the lead role in the movie which was named after the activist.

Meanwhile, director Shankar also revealed in an audio launch that the characters Ambi in Anniyan and Senapathy in Indian were also inspired by him.

Traffic Ramaswamy's memories and legacy will live forever. Our heartfelt condolence to Traffic Ramasamy's family and friends.

Source: Indiaglitz