Anitha Sampath is a famous newscaster who participated in the Bigg Boss S4 reality show. She was eliminated from the show last weekend. Merely days after her exit from the show, Anitha's father R.C. Sampath passed away.

According to her Instagram story, Sampath was 62 years old and died because of his old age, not due to heart attack. She met him over three months ago before going for quarantine to enter Bigg Boss S4.

"When I came home after Bigg boss, he went to Shirdi. I didn’t even talk to him as his phone was not reachable," she wrote in the story.

A few days after her father's demise, Anitha has shared an Instagram post expressing her heartbreak at the sudden loss. Here's what she posted:

A post shared by Anitha Sampath (@official_anithasampath)


This is how I last saw my father.. Took this photo before going for Bigg Boss quarantine.. My father is my life.. I came running back in the desire to bring you on tours all around.. But you shouldn't have left without me daddy..

If you only waited for one day, I would have followed you.. I would have taken you to the hospital on the way.. You would have been with me for at least another 10 years..

Sorry daddy, I couldn't save you.. The regret I feel will not leave me all my life.. Where did you go dear.. (end)

She also pleaded netizens and content creators to be more considerate and avoid monetising her grief with misleading titles on YouTube.

Source: The Indian Express & Instagram
Photo Credit: Galatta & Vijay TV