In a captivating journey through time, the enduring love story between legendary actor Kamal Haasan and the late Srividya has resurfaced, capturing the hearts of fans and celebrities alike. As a viral video circulates, inviting us to relive the moments of their romance, let's take a trip down memory lane into the pages of history that witnessed the enchanting bond between these two icons.

During the interview session, Srividya has stated:

"The entire film industry knows about our love. Both our families know. They wanted us to get married."

Watch Kamal's interview with DD:

Srividya is a graceful actress who stepped into the movie industry at the tender age of 13. She started her career as a child artist in 'Thiruvarutchelvar' in the year 1966.

Following that, the actress starred in many films and has taken up many memorable roles - from a leading actress to a countless number of supporting roles.

But despite having a successful film career, the actress was not very lucky when it came to her personal life.

Srividya's Tragic Life & Her Downfall

Srividya's downfall came when she landed a role in the movie Apoorva Raagangal. It was Rajinikanth's first movie and Srividya played his first heroine in his film career.

But it was Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan who played the leading actor in the movie, while Rajini played the supporting role. Srividya played Kamal's love interest and the couple eventually fell in love on set.

Both Kamal and Srividya's family showed support and blessed their relationship, but things took another turn when she learned about Kamal Haasan's affair with Vani Ganapathy, whom Kamal married later-on.

Srividya ended her relationship with Kamal upon discovering this and her dreams of marrying her love shattered.

The heartbroken actress made the biggest decision of her life during her rebound period when she found comfort in George Thomas, an assistant director in one of her Malayalam films.

Following her painful break-up, Srividya fell in love with George Thomas and planned to get married within months - which everyone was against.

From her family to her friends, none supported her decision. They tried convincing her, but she was blinded by love and failed to see what she was getting herself into.

The actress got married to George within months, which would prove to be a terrible decision as she became stuck in an abusive relationship with a man who also took all her hard-earned money and properties.

She was then chased away from her own house, before getting divorced in 1980.

Upon losing her properties to her husband, Srividya started taking up supporting roles in order to survive financially. She and her ex-husband went through a 15-year legal battle for the properties, and she won in the end.

After her divorce, she fell in love with director Bharathan, who ended up marrying KPAC Lalitha.

Srividya continued playing supporting roles in South Indian movies, where she even played the mother of her former lover Kamal Haasan in the movie Aboorva Sagaotharargal.

In 2003, she tested positive for spine cancer and lost her battle against the illness in 2006.

Source / Image Credit: Thinesvlog