RAAGA fans can participate in RAAGA’s on-air contest, 'Padathai Paarthu Bathilai Sollu', held on-air or on the SYOK app, from 6 – 17 September 2021 and stand a chance to win a share of RM6,000 in cash.

For each contest segment, a series of three images as clues about a song will be posted on RAAGA’s Instagram story.

Upon hearing the cue-to-call, be the first caller through to RAAGA at 03-95430993 to participate. To win, guess the correct song based on the clues provided, within 10 seconds.

The participant who answers correctly for the first clue will take home RM150 in cash. If the participant does not get it correct, the subsequent clues will be posted on RAAGA’s Instagram story and the prize money for the second and third clues will be reduced to RM100 and RM50 respectively.

The prize amount (RM150) will snowball to the next segment if none of the participants answer correctly for all three clues posted during a previous contest segment.

For more information, visit the official RAAGA website.