Popular Sun Music host and actor Anandha Kannan passed away today after battling cancer the last few years. The Singaporean Tamil star has been in the entertainment industry for over three decades.

In the 1990s, Anandha Kannan became very famous in Indian television among the youths and children after hosting Sun Music and acting as the lead in a series called Sindhubad.

Many Indian, Singaporean, and Malaysian celebrities are mourning his loss on their social media accounts.

Well-known director Venkat Prabhu called Kannan his 'best friend' and shared his message of condolence on Twitter. Bigg Boss Kajal who was Kannan's co-star in a series also expressed her grief. They have been close friends for many years.

Anandha Kannan was the favorite anchor of 90s kids and those who remember him are shocked and disheartened after hearing the news of his demise. Hashtag #RIPAnandhaKannan is trending on Twitter with his fans offering condolences for the star.

Source: The News Crunch
Photo Credit: Anandha Kannan Instagram