Superstar Rajinikanth recently filed a petition against the Greater Chennai Corporation for imposing Rs 6.5 lakh (RM) property tax on his Raghavendra Marriage hall for the months April to September.

The actor argues that the marriage hall has been unused since March 24th, the start of lockdown due to the pandemic. He has also cancelled all bookings and returned their advance payments following the government's instructions.

The actor seeks a 50% tax remission that can be allowed if the property was completely vacant and unrented. A notice was sent to the corporation regarding this on September 23rd, but there was no response.

At the court, Rajinikanth was asked to withdraw his petition. Judge Anita Sumanth explained that a reminder must be first sent to the corporation before rushing to the court.

Regretting his hasty decision to bring things to court, Rajinikanth has tweeted:

It's never too late to learn from your own mistakes. It's impressive that Thalaivar didn't shy away from admitting his mistake in this matter.