Remember the cute, talkative girl in 'Sillunu Oru Kadhal', Shriya Sharma who acted as Suriya and Jyothika's daughter in the film?

She definitely brought in a lively vibe and charm to the movie. It's been more than 13 years since the film was released, and now the little girl is all grown up and taking up modeling assignments.

Recently, the actress spoke about her experience working with Suriya and Jyothika in the film.

"The movie is very special to me. I love it even now," she exclaimed.

Shriya also shared a sweet memory where the celebrity couple bought her two Barbie dolls.

"One day, Suriya sir and Jyothika mam took me to a toy shop. I think towards the end of the shoot. They were like 'buy whatever toy you want' and I was so thrilled. My parents were telling me 'don't buy'. But I was a child and I couldn't resist myself and bought two dolls," Shriya said.

She also expressed her desire to work with Suriya again as his pair. She referred to how actress Meena played both the daughter and heroine for Rajinikanth.

"So, even Meena mam has done that. I will be very fortunate if I get the opportunity of pairing opposite Suriya sir," Shriya added.

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Source: Behindwoods
Photo Credit: B4Blaze & Public Point