Not many people are fortunate enough to be an overnight success in Kollywood, even if they turn out to be a star's kid. Actor Suriya's story stands as a testament to the fact that it takes hard work, good timing, and a little luck to make it big in K-town!

Born as Saravanan (birth name), he was the eldest son of veteran actor Sivakumar. His father was strict and conservative, yet loved his family dearly. Sivakumar made sure that his family was away from the limelight of the cine industry.

As a child, Suriya was an introvert by nature and often said only a few words to express himself. Those who knew him personally would comment that Suriya remained quiet most of the time, unlike his younger brother Karthi. The friendly, witty and extroverted Karthi intimidated Suriya during their childhood days.

Being the eldest, he was always expected to be more mature and responsible than his siblings. However, after graduating with a B.Com degree from Loyola College in Chennai, Suriya had no clue about what came next. At this point, Sivakumar realised that his son was struggling and helped him to get a job at a garment export factory. Suriya's co-workers never knew his real background. After 6 months working there, the monotony of the work irked Suriya. He wanted to do something else.

That's when director Vasanth, a family friend, came into the picture. Vasanth's mentor director Maniratnam was responsible for his stage name Suriya. In Vasanth's insistence, Suriya starred in his first movie Nerukku Ner.

For four years, he was a struggling actor with not much recognition or notable hits. While the directors loved working with a dedicated and disciplined actor, Suriya lacked confidence, dancing and fighting skills that were required of male leads at that time.

His breakthrough role came with Bala's Nandha. It became a turning point in his life and ever since then, Suriya has been unstoppable. The movies which followed made him explore himself as an actor. His roles in Kaakha Kaakha, Aayutha Ezuthu, Pithamagan, Perazhagan, Ghajini and Varanam Aayiram made him a known face among the Tamil audience.

Suriya's mass entertainer film franchise Singam was even remade in Hindi and became a blockbuster hit. This is how a timid boy turned into a big star after years of struggle.

Happy birthday to the handsome and talented actor!

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Source: Indiaglitz
Photo Credit: Suryan FM, Gulte, Business of Tollywood & India Times