By announcing the collaboration of Suriya with Studio Green and director Siva, the makers have piqued the interest of audiences. Since the motion poster was released, the audience is eagerly waiting to know what the team has in store for them and how they will deliver a movie that lives up to the hype.

As per the motion poster, Suriya will be playing five different historical characters in the 3D historical flick. And the characters are named Arathar, Venkaater, Mandaakar, Mukaatar, and Perumanathar.

It will be interesting to see how Suriya portrays each of these characters and how they fit into the overall plot of the film. Playing multiple roles in a movie is always a challenging task for an actor, and it will be exciting to see how Suriya tackles this challenge.

What seems to be interesting about ‘Suriya 42’?

The editor of the film, Nishad Yusuf, has provided some interesting insights into the plot of ‘Suriya 42’. According to him, the film is a fantasy movie that has a backstory dating back 1000 years. It will be intriguing to see how the filmmakers weave this backstory into the plot of the movie and what kind of visual effects and storytelling techniques they will use to bring this fantasy world to life.

A mighty valiant Saga in 10 languages…..

With Devi Sri Prasad on the music front, actress Disha Patani has been roped in this film to play the female lead. Besides that, Redin Kingsley, Yogi Babu, Kovai Sarala, and Anand Raj would play significant roles. The first look and title of the film will be revealed on April 14 on the occasion of Tamil New Year. Stay tuned for more updates.

Iamge Credit / Source: Top Movie Rankings