Cooku with Comali is a trending cooking show with an unusual twist. The show participants are each assigned a Comali (or clown) who are amateur cooks. With their help and some planned obstacles, participants are required to complete their cooking tasks.

Bigg Boss Vanitha Vijayakumar was crowned as the winner of Season 1. The first season of Cooku with Comali was such a hit that the team launched another season. Five finalists are set to compete with each other in the upcoming episode. However, unofficial reports state that Kani is the title winner of Season 2.

Although fans are eagerly waiting for the finale, they are pretty upset that the show won't be airing after the final episode. But, to their surprise, the channel announced a recap of Cooku with Comali S2. Here's the promo:

This news has caused ripples of excitement among the show's fans since they will be entertained by the Cooks and Comalis once again!

Source: Vijay TV
Photo Credit: Indian News Live