Popular actress Tamanna Bhatia is one of the gorgeous ladies of Kollywood who's still single to-date.

The sequel to her superhit movie Devi, has just released in theatres and in the movie - called Devi 2 - she plays the female lead alongside legendary actor Prabhu Deva.

The actress recently gave an interview in conjunction with the movie's release and finally revealed why she has been single all this while!

"I used to look very mediocre in school and didn't have many admirers, and now I look different and people think I'm overqualified for them," she revealed.

She also spoke about a crush she had as a youth, relating how she would visit her friend just to get the attention of her friend's brother. Unfortunately for Tamanna - or maybe unfortunately for the guy! - he never noticed her interest.

When asked if she has encountered any paranormal beings in real life, like in her movies, the actress jokingly reveals that she had encountered several human beings who were worse than devils.

Check out Tamanna's chat here: