Tamiletchumy is a local Tamil series on Astro Vaanavil which gained unprecedented attention and recognition from the Malaysian Tamil audience last year.

It revolved around three married women—Letchu (played by Jasmine Michael), Tamil (Hemaji), and Amy (Moon Nila)—who are the best of friends. Their struggles as married women and how they navigate their lives through love, family, work, and commitments formed the crux of the story.

Due to the tremendous positive response from the first season, the makers of the series are producing another season filled with the charms and resilience of Tamil-Letchu-Amy. But the good news doesn't stop here.

This time around, fans are treated with over 52 episodes in total on Astro Vaanavil and five extended inter-seasonal episodes (5 minutes each) on Astro Ulagam where the happenings before the start of Tamiletchumy 2 will be covered.

Season 2 is expected to air in July 2021 and the shoot has now begun. Here's a glimpse from the sets of Tamiletchumy 2:

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Also, in a surprising turn of events, the character Letchu (played by Jasmine) will be replaced with actress Nithya Shree. But fret not, the essence of Tamiletchumy will be preserved as Vimala Perumal resumes her role as the director with her husband Denes as the producer.

Before commencing Season 2, Astro Vaanavill will re-telecast all the episodes from Season 1 for the fans to catch up on the series. Stay tuned for more updates!

Also, let us know what are you most excited to find out in Season 2 of Tamiletchumy!