The second season of local Tamil series Tamiletchumy will meet premiere tomorrow night at 9.30pm on Astro Vaanavil HD (CH201).

Here's an interview with the director and the cast members of the fan favourite, ahead of the premiere:

Dr Vimala Perumal, Director and writer:

What can the audience look forward to in Tamiletchumy Season 2?

Tamiletchumy Season 2 will offer the conclusion to the lives of Tamil, Letchu and Amy who face dire struggles, twists and turns while keeping up with their mundane lives. As the first season ended with a cliffhanger, the audience anticipate many answers in the second season, and we have surely slid many new characters that will aid in suspenseful twists and thrill the audience until the final episode, for a hopefully more satisfying conclusion.

We hope the second season will deliver empowerment to bold, caring and courageous women and show how they can succeed in their life regardless of challenges.

How was your experience different directing this second season?

I developed anxiety directing the second season, due to the massive response from the audience for the first season. I had to be more focused as I had a thicker script, extra cast member, more plots and longer days of shoot. I worked very closely with all my cast and crew members to ensure we were all in the "same ship". It was a little overwhelming, to be honest, but I had a good team which cooperated well and made my job easier.

On that note, I am definitely grateful to have a producer (Denes Kumar) who equipped the "ship' with the right people at the right time to ensure smooth sailing. The journey was tough, but the end was satisfying. When we started to write the story for season one, we never thought we would ever pull through airing the series, but with Astro's support, we are now awaiting the second season's release. Thus, we are truly grateful to Astro for this opportunity.

How was the experience handling two roles, as the director and writer?

To be honest, I prefer being the writer for the film/series that I’m directing. I’ve grown to love that process, respect it and understand it. As for Tamiletchumy, Denes and myself worked on the writing from the early stage. It took us months and I strongly believe in preparation. Hence, the script was fully completed a few months before the shoot began so that we had sufficient time for the “Script Reading”.

However, in filmmaking, we have to always be prepared to face "Murphy's Law" - that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

As a writer, I’ve come to accept the fact that some things that we write will either be changed or not make their way into the film/series at all. But since I’m also the director, I have the control over the script and it’s easier to view that as an opportunity to safeguard it. So, I have the flexibility to take off my writer’s hat and put on my directing scarf or vice versa in order to decide what’s the best for the film/series.

Casts members Hemaji, Nithya Shree & Moon Nilaa

Please tell us about the role you play in Tamiletchumy Season 2?

Hemaji: The same bubbly and over emotional working wife, who’s trying her level best to balance her career and family except for the extra add on twists and turns that many wouldn’t expect in Tamil’s life. This time around Tamil is going to encounter a new level of challenges.

Nithya Shree: I play the role of Letchumitra in Tamiletchumy Season 2, a brave and bold lawyer. Although Letchu faces major issues and struggles, she tries to manage the obstacles she encounters in her life.

Moon Nilaa: I play a very brave and independent character this season. As you know, Amy from Season 1 is very innocent and emotional. However, her character took a massive change after the tragic climax and viewers can expect a different Amy in this Season 2.

What are some of the things you have learned from acting in this season?

Hemaji: Definitely, there were a lot of differences between the two seasons. The storylines is more intense in Season 2 which required more emotion, energy and dedication. I would say, playing the Tamil character once again made me happy.

Nithya Shree: I learned several things throughout this journey. I was quite nervous on the first day of shoot, but the way the production team and other artistes treated me put me in ease and gave me confidence. I felt like I was working with family.

Moon Nilaa: Amy, who used to be an innocent and straight forward person in Season 1, transforms into a bold woman in Season 2. She handles the challenges encountered very well. Personally, I’ve learned and experienced how the mentioned transformation occurred from an innocent character to a very bold and brave one.

What are your hopes for this series?

Hemaji: I really hope Tamiletchumy Season 2 will be another level of hit as it deserves it! A lot of hardwork has been out into Season 2 just to ensure our fans enjoy it as they always do. The storyline and on-screen performances from our awesome actors and actresses are going to glue fans to their seats.

Nithya Shree: I have high hopes that Tamiletchumy Season 2 will achieve success similar to Season 1. I believe that this season will fulfil all the audience's expectations. I’m really excited to watch this season together with the audience as well, so let’s watch together!

Moon Nilaa: I believe that there are so many women out there facing challenges similar to Amy and they could definitely relate to Amy. I hope they will get motivated and inspired to move on in their life through this series.

If you are eager to see what's in store in Tamiletchumy Season 2, tune in to the premiere tomorrow night at 9.30pm on Astro Vaanavil HD (CH 201). Subsequent episodes of the 58-episodes series will air every Monday to Friday at the same time, same channel. The show is available for catch up via Astro Go and on demand.