Tamiletchumy Season 2 can soon look forward to catching up to their favourite characters, when the show premieres next week.

The 58-episode series will premier on Thursday (Aug 12) at 9.30pm on Astro Vaanavil HD (CH 201), and subsequent episodes will air every Monday to Friday at the same time, same channel.

Speaking at a virtual press conference today to officially launch the series, the show's director, Dr Vimala Perumal said one of the challenges she faced in bringing the second season to the television is living up to the expectation of the audience, after the conclusion of the first season.

"The first season marked the first time I directed a series, while this time around, is my first time directing such a long series. The script itself was so thick," she quipped.

Vimala further thanked the local Tamil audience for giving the first season of Tamiletchumy unprecedented attention and recognition, as well as Astro for providing the platform to make the project a success.

According to her, the characters in the second season are inspired by people that she has met in real life.

"You see, there is problem in everyone's life, and every problem has a solution. How individuals overcome their problems and move on in life is the theme of the show," she said.

TV host cum actress Hemaji, who plays the character Tamil, called her role in the second season as one of the most intense characters she has played so far.

Moon Nilaa, who plays Amy, said her character in the second season is bolder than the one portrayed in the first season.

Actress Nithya Shree (who replaces Jasmine Michael in the Letchu role) said she was already a big fan of the first season of Tamiletchumy, when she was approached to do the role.

She said that she was given the leeway by Vimala, and producer Denes Kumar from Veedu Productions, to portray the Letchumy character in her own way, instead of mirroring Jasmine's style.

Denes stressed that although Tamiletchumy was a female-centric series, the male characte were strong as well.

"We even got (composer) Shameshan to step up the music, and used the Arri Alexa camera, which is commonly used to shoot movies. I believe this is the first time the camera has been used to shoot a series, in the country.

To the uninitiated, Tamiletchumy revolved around three married women - Letchu, Tamil, and Amy, who are best friends.Their struggles as married women and how they navigate their lives through love, family, work, and commitments formed the crux of the story.

Those who would like to catch up on the first season before the premier of the second one can do so anytime at their convenience via Astro Go, and on demand. Astro Vaanavil is also re-telecasting all the 27 episodes from Season 1, before the second season resumes.

So stay tuned for Season 2 of Tamiletchumy on Aug 12, at 9.30pm on Vaanavil HD CH 201. The show is available for catch up via Astro Go and on demand.