In a career spanning 32 years, Vijay has starred in numerous record-breaking films and is one of the most beloved actors in South India, affectionately referred to as ‘Thalapathy’ by his fans.

Vijay's journey from an ordinary child to one of Indian cinema's biggest stars is nothing short of remarkable. Known for his shy and calm demeanor, Vijay enjoys a massive fan base. He avoids interviews and social media, choosing instead to communicate through his work, with his movies being his primary means of connecting with his audience.

Despite maintaining a low-profile lifestyle, Vijay's connection with his fans is extraordinary. The name 'Vijay' has become a significant brand in South India, particularly in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Check out these 4 times Vijay proved he's not only an on-screen hero but a real-life hero:

Constant donations to disaster victims

The very generous Vijay makes huge donations to disaster relief during difficult times. During the Nepal earthquake, the actor donated Rs 10 lakh, and during the Kerala flood, he donated Rs 70 lakh to help the victims.

Runs 'Vijay Makkal Iyakkam'

Vijay launched his social welfare organisation 'Vijay Makkal Iyakkam' in 2009. Besides organising relief camps, he also helps the poor and needy, and funds the education of poor students.

Saved fans from a collapsing fence

While many actors avoid getting close to their fans, Vijay proved that he would risk his life to save them. During a movie shooting, a big crowd of fans gathered to get a glimpse of Thalapathy. When fencing started to crumble, putting the lives of the fans at risk, Vijay went down to help his fans without hesitation.

Financial and Educational Aid Through Fans Club

Vijay enjoys a massive fan following and has been actively involved in helping people through his fan club. By providing food, financial assistance, and educational aid, Vijay has supported deserving individuals in times of need. He closely monitors the activities of his fan clubs and regularly interacts with the members to ensure effective assistance and outreach.

Source : Times of India